2014 – 04/09/2014 – US Labor Department's OSHA fines Interlake Mecalux $71,700 for exposing workers to amputation, serious hazards at Illinois storage system manufacturer.

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Interlake has a plant in Pontiac, IL also.
You can have multiple cases from amputation injuries such as these, including OSHA violations, Illinois Work Comp cases and product liability cases.

Minnesota joins states raising minimum wage | News-Gazette.com.

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A minimum wage increase can have the effect of increasing an Illinois Workers’ Compensation settlement because it is based on your average weekly wage for the 52 weeks before you are injured.

State: Loss of mental health beds could extend wait for services.

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Sounds like a vicious cycle. But putting people with mental health issues in jail just does not solve the problem.

People with mental health conditions can file for Social Security Disability and get the treatment they need.

Nebraska Store Manager Who Was Shot to Get Workers’ Comp Benefits.

Illinois law would probably come up with the same result. Physical assault resulting in mental trauma and stress is not far stretch in an extreme such as this.

Low-wage workers pay the price of nickel-and-diming by employers – latimes.com.

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Some people do not realize that your average weekly wage has a large influence on your Workers’ Compensation settlement value in Illinois.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Companies do not want you to understand the law and the process of injury settlements.

The reason is that they can save themselves lots of money if you walk away from what is owed to you pursuant to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.

Insurance companies will tell you that you are not due a settlement.

Insurance companies will tell you that your settlement value is low.

Insurance companies will tell you that you may lose your job if you file a Work Comp claim.

These things are not true.

Almost any work injury will result in some type of settlement.

Be careful of low ball offers.

The value of a work comp settlement is based on your medical treatment, your permanent restrictions, your age, your average weekly wage, and your work history.

You must tell your doctor about the problems and symptoms you have as a result of your injury. This will show up in your medical records and help your case.

In Illinois it is against the law to fire someone or discriminate against them for filing a workers’ compensation case.

You should check with an experienced Illinois Workers’ Compensation lawyer before you settle your work injury case.

It does not cost anything to check with an attorney.

All attorney fees are based on a contingent fee. This means that a lawyer must recover money for you before a fee may be charged.
The fee is limited to 20 percent of the settlement.

Questions about your work injury? Feel free to contact Illinois Work Comp Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

Man says Wal-Mart fired him after filings workers’ comp claim | West Virginia Record.

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Not unusual to see an employer going after an employee who files a Work Comp claim.


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