October 2007

The main problem injured workers have is finding a lawyer who will take their case to trial.

You should ask your prospective attorney if they are willing to bring your Workers Compensation case to trial. If they will not, then your settlement value will drop.
In addition, the only way you can get open medical benefits is to have a trial.

If your Workers Compensation Lawyer will not bring your case to trial you have the right to seek another attorney.
Remember this is your case, the attorney works for you.

I have brought cases to trial for many Workers Compensation clients throughout Central Illinois- Peoria, Bloomington, Springfield, Decatur and Champaign, Illinois.
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Many Workers Compensation clients tell me they are nervous to testify at trial. This is normal.

However, the trial is not anything like you see on television. There is no jury, there are very few people present when you testify, and it is usually over in less than one hour.

The only people present are your attorney, the court reporter, the arbitrator (Judge), and the attorney for the insurance company. Usually there are not any other witnesses present.

I always prepare my clients days before trial so they know what to expect and the areas of questioning.

I would be glad to discuss your Workers Compensation case with you if you live in Peoria, Bloomington, Springfield or Champaign, Illinois.
Please give me a call at 309-827-4371

Illinois Workers’ Compensation law allows you to recover for repetitive trauma injuries such as carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel.

You must prove that your work activities caused or contributed to your repetitive injuries. Most doctors will say that they cannot determine the cause for repetitive injuries, but that certain work activities certainly will aggravate carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel. That is enough to get payment for medical bills and to be paid permanent partial disability.

If your work activities cause you pain remember to tell your doctor and describe the type of work you perform and the specific duties that trigger the flare ups.

I concentrate in workers compensation cases where an injured worker needs a surgery.

Why? Because usually surgical cases are the most serious, and they require the most expertise. You may need additional surgery or ongoing medical treatment, and you will possibly need a trial for your case to protect your ability to seek future medical care.

You need a workers compensation lawyer who is familiar with the system to protect and enforce these important rights.

I spent a number of years working for the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission and have tried many cases involving surgeries. I would be glad to discuss your particular case with you. Please feel free to call me.