Let’s be honest. Not every client and lawyer get along. When choosing your lawyer it is important  to make sure your personalities and expectations match. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Does your lawyer return your calls within 24 hours? There really is no excuse for not returning calls. If your lawyer is in court, then the attorney will have to leave you a message and call when available.
  • Does your lawyer take your input? A Workers’ Compensation case is really a partnership between attorney and client. This does not mean the lawyer will always agree with you, but you should at least be able to discuss your views and understand why your attorney takes certain approaches and positions in your case.
  • Is this more than a business relationship? In other words, it is not just about money. There must be trust and ability to work together to put your best case before the arbitrator. If you decide you want a trial instead of settlement, will your lawyer take the case to trial?
  • Is your lawyer familiar with the Arbitrator who will decide your case, and is your attorney willing to travel to the arbitrator’s docket site? There are numerous arbitration sites throughout Illinois. It is very important to know what the Arbitrator looks for, and the insurance company will not take you seriously if your attorney is not willing to travel to the Arbitrator’s site if necessary.

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