Advertising presents lots of clutter and is often difficult to sort through. Of course, legal matters and representation are even more confusing.

Some of the major themes for Workers Compensation lawyers focus on getting you in the door and promising you some major benefit.

For instance, you have seen the offering of “free consultation”. In Illinois Workers’ Compensation law, all fees are contingent. Meaning no lawyer can charge a fee unless he settles or wins your case. All meetings with a client must be free. Including the initial consultation and all following meetings. You cannot be charged for any meetings, telephone calls, or letters. So a lawyer offering a free consultation is following the law and nothing more. In other words, if the lawyer charged you for a meeting then he could be subject to ethics charges.

Some lawyers emphasize that they can get you lifetime benefits. The only way you can get lifetime benefits under Illinois Workers Compensation Law is to go through a trial. Lifetime benefits are very rare. It means you can no longer work, or you are only able to work a lower paying job due to your injury. Make sure you ask the lawyer if they will take your case to trial to get your lifetime benefits. Make sure they explain to you in detail why you are entitled to lifetime benefits.

Many ads tout the aggressiveness of the lawyer. What exactly does this mean? Will the lawyer listen to you, or is it all about him and his plans? Are they willing to go to trial if you do not want to settle? There is a real difference between advice and control. Some lawyers want to control you, others will give you their opinion and advice and let you make the final decision.

Make sure you are a wise consumer and feel comfortable with your choice.