Often people will call and ask if the Workers’ Compensation insurance company can stop paying them or refuse to authorize medical treatment?

In Illinois, not only can they stop paying you Temporary Total Disability benefits and refuse to pay for medical treatment but they will unless you do something about it.


The only way to stop the Workers Compensation insurance company is to prepare for trial.

This puts the pressure on the insurance company because their attorney will tell them either they must pay you or allow your medical treatment, or this case is going to be decided by the Arbitrator.

You, as the injured worker, must be willing to push the case to trial or suffer the consequences. In many cases if you do not push, then you will be shut off.

Isn’t it better to know the answer even if it is bad, then to have to wait and wait and wait while the insurance company says no.

If an offer is made and you have some weaknesses in the case you should carefully weigh the options, but if there is no offer or negotiations you must push back and seek your day in court.

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