The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission has issued statistics for fiscal year 2007. 

The number of cases filed for FY 07- 56,685

                                                FY 06-56,911

                                                FY 05-58,715

                                                FY 04-62,267

As you can see the number of cases filed are decreasing.

In FY 2007 the most injured body part was the back- 16% of filings; hand 12%; arm 10%.

Over the last 5 years 85% to 88% of workers compensation cases have been settled. That is right, the vast number of cases are settled without a trial. 

If a case does go to trial, on average 50% are appealed to the Commission level. That takes another 1 to 2 years to complete. Once a Commission decision is made, then 25% to 31% of these decisions are appealed to Circuit Court.

Women file 33% of the Workers Comp claims.