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Ultimately, in Illinois Workers’ Compensation law there are only two ways to end your case. You must settle or have a trial. The decision is your decision alone. In other words, the insurance company cannot tell you what to do and your lawyer cannot tell you what to do. 

The vast number of Workers Comp cases settle in Illinois- anywhere from 90% to 95%. You should settle your case if your medical bills are taken care of and you do not think you will need future medical treatment, and you are offered fair value. The value of your case depends on your wage, and the facts (clear accident?, medical opinions, medical treatment, and restrictions).

Sometimes you will not receive any offer. This makes your decision easy. You must go to trial if you do not receive an offer.

The most difficult decisions are when there is a disputed part of your case, such as a whether part of your medical treatment was related to the work injury or an unrelated cause, and the offer is less than full value. At that point you must weigh the offer versus the odds of winning more money at trial. Trials and appeals also take longer. So you may also be waiting several years for your money .

The decision is not always easy, but you must decide and be willing to live with your choice.

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Do not settle your Illinois Workers Compensation case unless you are sure you will not need any future medical treatment.

This is the time of year that insurance companies want to settle Workers Compensation cases and close out their liability for the year.

Do not be fooled. The Workers Comp insurance companies are not looking out for your best interests. They are only concerned with their bottom line.

Once you sign the settlement contract and it is approved you will have no further rights for future medical treatment.

You must insist on a trial if think you will need future medical treatment related to your work injury.

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In Illinois, your Workers Compensation trial is usually held in a courthouse, or a building the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission rents for a few days a month. The place of the trial is usually not in a courtroom. 

The people present during your trial include the Arbitrator (the Judge), the court reporter, your lawyer, the insurance company attorney, and any witnesses needed.

There are no juries in Illinois Workers’ Compensation cases. Your lawyer will ask you questions first about your accident, the medical treatment, your bills, your time off work, and how you feel currently. The  Workers Comp insurance lawyer can ask you questions about the same areas.

Sometimes witnesses are necessary to testify about your accident or what someone has seen you do since your injury.

Exhibits that you usually have at trial are medical records, medical bills, accident reports and doctors’ depositions.

Most trials are done within one hour. The Arbitrator will not give an immediate decision. The Arbitrator will write out his decision and usually send it out within 60 to 90 days.

If you have any questions about your Workers Compensation trial call Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.