In Illinois, your Workers Compensation trial is usually held in a courthouse, or a building the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission rents for a few days a month. The place of the trial is usually not in a courtroom. 

The people present during your trial include the Arbitrator (the Judge), the court reporter, your lawyer, the insurance company attorney, and any witnesses needed.

There are no juries in Illinois Workers’ Compensation cases. Your lawyer will ask you questions first about your accident, the medical treatment, your bills, your time off work, and how you feel currently. The  Workers Comp insurance lawyer can ask you questions about the same areas.

Sometimes witnesses are necessary to testify about your accident or what someone has seen you do since your injury.

Exhibits that you usually have at trial are medical records, medical bills, accident reports and doctors’ depositions.

Most trials are done within one hour. The Arbitrator will not give an immediate decision. The Arbitrator will write out his decision and usually send it out within 60 to 90 days.

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