With economic uncertainty and political uncertainty in Illinois, it is probably safe to project the following for 2009:

  • Workers Comp insurance companies will be even more stingy with settlement offers. They want to keep as much money for themselves as possible.
  • Workers Comp insurance companies will tell their lawyers to appeal more cases. You may win your trial but when the insurance company appeals it will take another 1 to 1.5 years for the case to be decided. The insurance company will get to keep your money while the case is on appeal.
  • Jobs will continue to disappear and be scarce. Some companies will try to intimidate injured workers so that they will not file for Workers Compensation benefits.
  • Politics will have some impact on the Illinois Workers Comp law and the interpretation of the law. The Governor may soon be impeached. This will possibly open the door to a new Chairman, new Commissioners and may trickle down to new policies governing Arbitrators.

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