As I mentioned in my last post, Workers Compensation Insurance companies are going to be tighter with their money and settlements.

As an injured worker you need to do everything you can to make your case better. 

One important area to pay attention to is your medical treatment.

You need to go to the doctor as often as necessary to deal with your condition. Consistent treatment shows your condition is bothering you and is serious. If you do not treat for long periods, or treat off and on the Insurance company will argue that your problems improved and you no longer need medical treatment. Or if you wait a long time between treatments, then the Insurance company will say that it is not related to your work injury.

If the Workers Compensation Insurance company denies you treatment and you do not have your own health insurance, then you will have to go to trial to force the Insurance Company to pay for it. This is time consuming and frustrating but you have no choice.

Remember, you must seek medical treatment quickly and as often as needed to protect yourself and your Workers Comp case.

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