March 2009

With this bad economy it is an important question to ask. If you have been hurt on the job and your company goes out of business what will happen to your Workers’ Compensation claim?

In Illinois at least, you are protected in several ways.

Almost all business must have Workers Compensation insurance. If the business closes, the Workers’ Comp insurance company still stands in its place, and you are protected.

What if the insurance company goes bankrupt. Illinois law provides for a special fund to take care of injured workers in that case.

What if your company was self-insured? This means they take care of their own claims. Illinois has another special fund that handles these situations.

If your company did something illegal and did not have Workers Comp insurance, then you have some difficulties. There is a fund that exists that is supposed to help you out, but it takes a long time to pay out and it involves a difficult process.

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What if your Insurance Company refuses to offer you a settlement for your work injury?

In Illinois, your choices are to give up, or take your case to trial.

As the injured worker you must prove all parts of your case to win. This means you must prove the accident happened, you must prove what medical treatment you received, that the treatment is related to your injury, the amount of your medical bills, and the nature and extent of your injuries.

You can represent yourself, however, the insurance company will have an attorney who will represent them at trial.

Have you been denied a settlement, or been given a low offer? Call me, Attorney Dirk May, at 309-827-4371 to discuss your case.

Tax time is here.

In Peoria, Springfield, Bloomington and Champaign, Illinois there are groups who provide free assistance in preparing your taxes for individuals who make $30,000 and under per year and couples who make $50,000 and under.

You should check with your local public library, and they will be able to get you information for times and locations of the groups providing free tax preparation.

Filing your taxes is important because you may be entitled to a refund, or the earned income tax credit may result in money to you.

What if you have had back problems before your Work injury? Does it matter?

In Illinois, all you have to prove is that your work injury aggravated your condition. The fact that you had a pre-existing condition or problem does not prevent you from recovering under the Workers’ Compensation Law.

This means you are entitled to have your medical treatment paid, time off work paid and a settlement or award for permanent partial disability.

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