Everyone wants to know what they will have to pay for a good or service. Especially, what will be the cost for a lawyer.

The good news in Illinois Workers’ Compensation cases is that there are no up front fees.

You do not have to pay a fee to have the lawyer start on your case.

You also do not have to pay hourly fees as your case moves forward.

You only pay 20% of whatever the attorney recovers for you. Usually at the end of the case. However, if the Insurance company denies you benefits and the lawyer gets them to pay temporary total disability benefits while you are off work then the lawyer can charge you 20% of those payments also.

The lawyer will often pay all your costs-medical records, depositions- for you upfront. You will pay for the costs from your settlement.

This makes it easier for you to hire a lawyer to protect your rights.

Paying 20% of your settlement or award is usually well worth it to make sure you get the correct amount, and to make certain you get future medical treatment if necessary.

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