June 2009

The bad economy affects everything, even Illinois Workers’ Compensation settlements.

Insurance Companies are losing money just like lots of other businesses. They want to keep down the amounts they pay out for Workers’ Compensation settlements.

Taking the first offer the insurance company makes definitely plays into their hands.

Understanding your injury, restrictions, and possible future medical needs is very important.

The insurance company motivation is to close out your case. When you settle your case the insurance company knows exactly how much they must pay in medical expenses.

You can use the need for additional medical expenses as leverage against the insurance company.

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The most important thing to remember about Workers’ Compensation in Illinois is to tell your doctor how you got hurt on the job.

If you do not tell the doctor or medical provider you were hurt on the job, then you will most likely lose your case and not receive a Work Comp settlement.

The Workers Compensation insurance company and the Arbitrator look very closely at what appears in your medical records. If you tell your doctor that you fell over a box at work and twisted your knee and felt immediate pain, then it will show up in the records.

If you do not tell the doctor anything, then most Arbitrators and Work Comp companies will assume that you did not get hurt at work.

Why? The injured worker must prove everything. The only way to prove accident is through the medical records close to the time of the injury, an eyewitness, or an accident report completed the same day or close to the accident date.

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Insurance Companies do not give away money. Especially in these tough economic times.

If you are permanently and totally disabled they will make you work hard for your money.

You will have to do a long and exhaustive job search. This will mean filing many job applications per week and keeping detailed records.

The Workers Compensation insurance company will have to pay you to do the job search, so this will be just like working another job.

If you do this and you are truly unable to work, then you will be adding a large amount of money to the value of your case.

If you do not carry out the job search, then you will be losing a large amount of money that the Workers Compensation insurance company should be paying you.

The choice is really yours.

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In Illinois, Workers Compensation Settlements are not standardized. In other words, each settlement is different.

Here is an example of how a settlement is figured.

Assume that you have a herniated disk in your back, and surgery is not recommended. The doctor says that you are released from care and you can return to your job.

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act provides that the back is worth 500 weeks in total.

Assume both sides agree that the disk problem is worth 10% of the back. 10 percent of 500 weeks equals 50 weeks.

The last part of the settlement is your wage. The law provides that your wage is figured on the 52 weeks before you were injured.
Assume that you make $500 per week. You then must multiply your average weekly wage by 60 percent. $500 times 60% equals $300.

$300 times 50 weeks equals $15,000

As you can see, your wage makes a big difference in your settlement value.

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