In Illinois, Workers Compensation Settlements are not standardized. In other words, each settlement is different.

Here is an example of how a settlement is figured.

Assume that you have a herniated disk in your back, and surgery is not recommended. The doctor says that you are released from care and you can return to your job.

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act provides that the back is worth 500 weeks in total.

Assume both sides agree that the disk problem is worth 10% of the back. 10 percent of 500 weeks equals 50 weeks.

The last part of the settlement is your wage. The law provides that your wage is figured on the 52 weeks before you were injured.
Assume that you make $500 per week. You then must multiply your average weekly wage by 60 percent. $500 times 60% equals $300.

$300 times 50 weeks equals $15,000

As you can see, your wage makes a big difference in your settlement value.

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