Insurance Companies do not give away money. Especially in these tough economic times.

If you are permanently and totally disabled they will make you work hard for your money.

You will have to do a long and exhaustive job search. This will mean filing many job applications per week and keeping detailed records.

The Workers Compensation insurance company will have to pay you to do the job search, so this will be just like working another job.

If you do this and you are truly unable to work, then you will be adding a large amount of money to the value of your case.

If you do not carry out the job search, then you will be losing a large amount of money that the Workers Compensation insurance company should be paying you.

The choice is really yours.

Do you need a Workers Comp lawyer who understands what the insurance company is doing and who will work as a partner with you to get the benefits you are entitled to under the Illinois Workers Compensation Law?

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