The Workers’ Comp Insurance Company stops paying you.

The Work Comp company will not authorize your surgery.

Can they do that?

It is easy to say no. Especially if you are an Insurance Company.

In Illinois, the Work Comp insurance company can stop paying you and deny your treatment if they have a reason. That does not stop them even if they do not have a good reason.

The only way to fight back is to go to trial to get your benefits restarted, and to order them to pay for your medical treatment.

This will take time and it will be painful waiting because you will need to take your doctor’s depositions. The doctor’s schedule is usually booked several months in advance. The other delay will be the Insurance Company doctor’s deposition. That will also have to be scheduled.

Finally, the trial must be scheduled. This is time consuming, but it is the only way to force the Insurance Company to pay.

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