Predictions are well, unpredictable. But some things are a safe bet.

Here is what I see happening in Illinois Work Comp for 2010.

* Insurance Companies will not easily pay for your medical treatment. By far, medical expenses are the most costly part of a Workers Compensation case so the Insurance Companies will be diligent in keeping down costs.

* Work Comp insurance companies will not willingly pay a fair settlement. Insurance companies must make money for their stockholders. So their first offer will be low. You also need to make sure they are using the correct average weekly wage, the proper body part, and have paid all your medical bills.

* Work Comp will not speed up. For the most part the biggest delay is the time it takes to get a doctor’s deposition. Doctors are more interested in treating their patients (can’t blame them) then in giving testimony for a Workers’ Compensation case. Another part of the delay is that is that the Insurance company wants to hold onto their money as long as possible.

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