Most neck injuries in Illinois Workers’ Compensation cases involve herniated discs or bulging discs.

The most serious of these injuries result in surgeries to repair the disc, or a fusion surgery to repair several levels of the cervical spine.

Restrictions from the neck or cervical injuries usually involve restricted movement of the neck, or neck pain that radiates into the arms, or chronic pain resulting from the condition. Nerve pain or neuropathy is also another residual that often results.

Many injured workers with neck surgery have to take powerful pain medications that have side effects such as fatigue or loss of concentration. This can dramatically limit your ability to work.

Serious restrictions, or the need for ongoing medical treatment, or pain medications are important factors that must be taken care of in your Work Comp settlement contract.

You want to make sure that your future medical needs will be covered, and any reduced ability to work is addressed in the settlement.

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