The most asked questions in Illinois Workers’ Compensation cases are: How much is my case worth?, and How long will my case take?

The honest answer is that we do not always know.

The value of the case cannot be determined until you are done with your medical treatment, and your final restrictions are decided. The value of your case also depends on your average weekly wage. The Work Comp law requires your wage to be based on your pay for the 52 weeks before your injury. This means that someone with a lower paying job will have a smaller settlement than someone with the same injury at a high wage job.

How long your case takes depends on how long it takes you to heal, and when the doctor releases you. You cannot settle your case until medical treatment is complete.

If the insurance company is denying your claim, and you need a trial to have the judge decide your case, then your case may take some time to be prepared for trial.

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