Illinois Worker’s Compensation is certainly frustrating. They are supposed to pay you when you are off work, but they do not. What is going on?

In Illinois, the injured worker has to prove everything. This means you have to prove that you had an accident, that your injury is related to the accident, that you have medical bills, that you are off work, etc.

Many times the Work Comp insurance company disputes that the accident happened, or that it something covered by Workers’ Compensation Law, or that the Doctor has you off work. The Workers Compensation company, of course, benefits from not paying you.

These denials are discouraging, and they hurt your pocket book. You can take the case to trial, but it takes a long time sometimes anywhere from 6 months to 1 year. If Work Comp will not pay you, then your only choice is to go to trial. In some cases you can also seek penalties against the Insurance Company.

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