August 2010

Back injuries are usually the trickiest cases in Illinois Workers’ Compensation Law.

The problem is that doctors cannot really predict what the future holds.

You may need more surgery. You may need pain medications for the rest of your life. You may need injections.

If you settle your Work Comp case, then you are finished. You must find the way to pay for any future treatment for your back.

The only way to make sure you at least have a chance at future medical treatment for your back is to have a trial.

But if you have changed jobs, then the insurance company will blame any future problems on your new work activities. The Work Comp insurance company will also blame getting older as a cause your problems.

This is the dilemma you face when deciding whether to settle your Work Comp case.

Sometimes you can use the possibility of going to trial for your open medical as leverage against the Insurance Company.

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You never know who to trust. Especially with insurance companies.

I have seen them try to do some sneaky things with Work Comp settlements.

I have also seen fair settlements.

The key is do they pay all your medical bills?

Do they  take care of your time off work?

Do they factor in all your medical treatment?

Do they take into account your restrictions?

Do they anticipate your future medical needs?

Each case is unique. Each case has its own value.

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Can someone else latch onto your Workers’ Compensation Settlement in Illinois?

This is also known as a lien on your Work Comp.

In Illinois, Workers’ Compensation is unique in that there are no liens.

For example, in personal injury settlements insurance companies and medical providers can put a claim in on your settlement money.

Not so for your Work Comp settlement.

The only people who can get your Work Comp money are Child Support and Public Aid (Medicaid payments).

So if your hospital or doctors claim they can get your settlement they are wrong.

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