In Illinois, you do not have to treat with the doctor the insurance company sends you to or recommends, but you do have to attend the IME doctor appointment.

These are two different animals in Illinois Work Comp law. Sometimes insurance companies or employers will send you to an occupational doctor for treatment purposes. Under Illinois law you have the right to treat with your own doctor. You do not have to accept the Workman’s Comp doctor.

However, when the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company sends you a notice to attend a Section 12 Independent Medical Examination you must attend. The Work Comp Law says that if you do not go to the doctor, then the Insurance Company does not have to pay you any benefits. The purpose of the IME visit is not for medical treatment. It is to prepare ¬†medical opinion testimony for purposes of trial.

You should be careful what you tell an IME doctor. The Insurance Company hires this doctor, and he may testify against your interests.

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