January 2011

What is a deposition and how can it help my Illinois Workers’ Compensation case?

The deposition of your doctor is the way the doctor testifies in your Workmans Comp case.

The doctor does not appear live at the Work Comp arbitration trial. The doctor will testify in his office, under oath, and a court reporter will take down all his words. The court reporter will print the testimony out for the Arbitrator.

Many times the deposition of your doctor will increase the value of your settlement.

Why? The Work Comp insurance company knows you are serious. The Work Comp insurance company knows that you are ready to go to trial once you have the deposition completed.

The Insurance Company will get serious when you show you mean business.

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The question seems simple enough.

If you get hurt on the job you should get a settlement, medical bills paid and time off pay, shouldn’t you?

Not always.

If you get injured in a parking lot there are some instances when Work Comp does not have to pay.

Certain types of falls are excluded from Workmans Compensation.

Cases have denied Workers’ Compensation when cars have run into buildings and injured workers inside the office.

There are many strange and unusual exceptions to on the job injuries and Work Comp payments.

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What you tell your doctors and nurses at the time you are hurt does matter.

What you tell the Work Comp Insurance Adjuster at the time of your injury does matter.

The medical records and recorded statements have a big impact on your Work Comp Settlement.

People have told me that the doctor got it wrong in his notes, but what the Arbitrator looks at is what the medical records contain.

I tell injured workers not to give a recorded statement to the Work Comp insurance adjuster. However, sometimes people do not get a lawyer until later.

If you gave a recorded statement it can be used against you.

Your accident can be denied based on what is in the medical records or the recorded statement.

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The Illinois Legislature did not make any changes to the Workers’ Compensation Law during the Veto Session. The new legislature will debate potential changes this spring. However, at this time all the discussion has resulted in no changes.

The Illinois Legislature is still debating changes in the Illinois Workers Comp Law.

The changes are currently linked to votes for an Income Tax Increase.

Republicans want to severely reduce choice of doctors, amounts paid to doctors, and settlements.

If these changes are passed, Illinois Work Comp cases will be dramatically changed for the worse.

We should know what the Legislature will do in the next 5 days.

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