February 2011

I have seen Workers’ Compensation settlements blow up quickly over surveillance videos.

In Illinois, for purposes of Workers Compensation, it is legal to follow someone and video tape them without their permission.

Insurance Companies will hire private investigators to video tape injured workers.

They attempt to show that a person is going beyond their restrictions, or is not has injured as it appears.

Most people do not need to worry. However, it is important to be aware that you may be on candid camera.

Most videos do not show anything of value.

However, I have seen videos of a person dancing who supposedly had a severe back injury, or roofing a house with a shoulder injury.

If you think you are being watched, you are probably are. And the videos can be, and are used in court.

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The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission has suspended two arbitrators. Click this link for the story.

Work Comp settlements take time because you are dealing with an insurance company.

Insurance companies are full of delays. They have layers of supervisors. Adjusters who handle hundreds of cases. They want to hold onto their money. Several people have to sign off on the contract.

And sometimes the cases are complicated.

The language in the contract is very important.

It can make the difference of thousands of dollars.

It can affect future medical benefits.

So you need to expect some delays, and be patient. What happens with your contract can affect the rest of your life.

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Another example of what not to do with your emails. For the latest saga in Illinois Workers’ Compensation scandal click here

If the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company denies your treatment that the doctor is recommending, you have several choices.

Give up.

Have your group health insurance pay for the treatments.

Or fight the Work Comp insurance company.

To fight the Work Comp company you will need to file for a hearing, and have your doctor testify in favor of your treatment.

This will force the insurance company to send you to their doctor and hire a lawyer.

The more you show your willingness to fight the Work Comp insurance company the better your chances.

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Belleville Illinois newspaper continues to crank out workers’ compensation stories. Click on this link

Back injuries and settlements in Illinois Workers’ Compensation cases depend on your permanent restrictions and your medical treatment.

For example, the value of your back case increases if you have a surgery.

Fusions are usually worth more than discectomies.

A herniated disc with surgery is usually worth more than a herniated disc without surgery.

After you have surgery and the doctor places you on restrictions, the value of your case also increases.

Permanent partial disability is reflected through the limitations that are placed upon you.

For example, the value of your case increases with weight limits, bending and twisting limits, or standing and walking limits.

Questions about your back injury and Work Comp settlements? Feel free to call Illinois Work Comp Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

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