Time for a few tips in negotiating your Illinois Workers’ Compensation settlement.

Tip #1 It does not hurt to ask. You will not get what you do not ask for. The Insurance Company will make you an offer. Ask for more.

Tip#2 Ask for future medical coverage. All they will do is say no. You can come back with a set number for future medical.

Tip#3 Tell them you are willing to go to trial if you do not get what you want. The insurance company does not always want to go to trial. It costs them money to get a lawyer and increases their exposure.

Tip #4 It does not cost you any up front money to get a lawyer. All Workmans Comp fees are paid at the end of the case based on a percentage of the award. You can use this as leverage also. The Insurance Company has to pay their attorney by the hour.

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