May 2011

Click here to read about bill that passed yesterday. Still has to pass the Senate and be signed by the Governor to become law.


The proposed changes to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Law will probably be voted on this weekend.

If the changes being discussed are passed the following will result:

*Settlements will be much lower;

*Your doctor choices will be limited;

*The amounts paid to doctors will be much lower; and

*Insurance companies will probably delay paying bills and workers’ compensation payments and dispute more cases.

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No one can agree on Illinois Work Comp reform. So some lawmakers threaten to do away with the law. Click here to read Springfield State Journal Register article.

Chicago Sun Times article about Illinois Work Comp reform. Something has to happen this week in Springfield if changes are to be made. Click here to read.

Once your Illinois Workers’ Compensation trial is over the Arbitrator will write her decision.

This will take approximately 60 days.

Either side has the right to appeal the Arbitrator’s ruling.

The appeal involves written and oral arguments. No one testifies at the appeal level.

The Workers’ Compensation Commissioners (they are like Appellate Court Judges) will either agree with the Arbitrator or overturn her decision.

Once again both sides have the right to appeal to Circuit Court, the State Court of Appeals, and rarely to the Illinois Supreme Court.

This, of course, will take some time if it goes to all these different courts.

Fortunately, most Work Comp cases end after the trial, and almost all of them are done after the first appeal.

This means if you win the insurance company will pay you within 30 days.

Questions about Work Comp settlements or cases? Feel free to call Illinois Workmans Comp Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

Click here to read about the latest in Illinois Workers Compensation negotiations.

2 Illinois Workers’ Compensation Arbitrators under investigation continue to be paid. Click here to read.

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