June 2011

Here are some tips for negotiating Work Comp back injury settlements.

Restrictions are important. Do you have weight restrictions? Did you have to change jobs as a result?
This makes your case more valuable.

Did you have surgery? What kind? Fusion? Disc repair? The more complicated, the more the value increases.

Do you have future surgery needs? This shows that your impairment will get worse.

Do you have future medication needs?

Did you herniate your disc?

Do you have radicular pain running down the leg? Does it affect standing and walking?

The more impairments you can show the better the settlement value.

Questions about your Work Comp case? Feel free to call Illinois Work Comp Lawyer Dirk May at 309-827-4371.


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There are many people who will tell you stories.

Just do not believe them.

When someone claims they know people who have settled cases for $300,000 or $500,000 do not believe them.

Such high settlements in Illinois Workers’ Compensation cases are very rare.

Other stories are that you can get $150,000 for a carpal tunnel case. No way!

People are free to talk, but they do not know the facts of your case and what an Arbitrator will do when faced with your medical records.

Questions about what your Work Comp case is worth? Feel free to call Illinois Workmans Comp Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

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