July 2011

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation arbitrators who filed a lawsuit against the Governor for terminating their jobs have been denied an injunction. The Governor’s office moves forward to hire some new arbitrators. Read Belleville, Illinois newspaper article here.


The new Illinois Workers Compensation Law will dramatically change the way you will need to prepare for your settlement talks.

For injuries after September 1, 2011 the arbitrator will determine value of your injury based on AMA guidelines, what is in your medical records, and your limitations in light of work experience and age.

To put your self in the most favorable light you will need to explain in detail to your doctor what bothers you regarding your injury and how it limits your daily and work activities.

You should explain this to your doctor at each visit.

Most definitely, you should do this at the final visit.

Otherwise, you may end up with a short note in the records that provides “return to work without restrictions”.

This may seriously decrease the value of your case.

A detailed description of your problems in the final note will give you valuable information to argue for increased payment for permanent partial disability.

Questions about your Workmans Compensation claim, or what you need cover with your doctor? Feel free to contact Illinois Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

Springfield newspaper article argues for commonsense approach to Illinois Work Comp changes. Of course, it does not happen in highly political Illinois.
Click here to read.

The new Workers’ Compensation Law starts to take shape with the Governor appointing new board members. Their key role will be appointing arbitrators to decide injured workers cases in Illinois. Click here to read the article.

What happens if you have had a past Illinois workers’ compensation settlement, and you have been injured again?

The Illinois law provides for the current employer to receive a credit for past work comp settlements in certain situations.

If a specific body part is involved, then the current employer will receive a credit.

For example, there are credits for the arms and legs.

If you received a 20 percent of the arm settlement in 2003, then the employer receives a 20 percent credit against the new arm injury.

You must prove there is permanent partial disability above and beyond the original 20 percent.

This can be tricky, and the Work Comp insurance company will want to argue there is no additional disability.

You must show the status of the arm before the new injury, and the nature and extent of the new arm injury.

Keep in mind, there are no credits for back, neck or man as a whole settlements.

Questions about your Illinois Work Comp injury, and settlement? Feel free to contact Illinois Workmans Compensation Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

Following up on misconduct charges against an Illinois arbitrator, attorney disciplinary board files complaints against several Workers’ Compensation lawyers.
Click here to read Belleville, Illinois newspaper article.

The attorney regulatory body has charged a Illinois Work Comp Arbitrator with misconduct. Click here to read Belleville, Illinois newspaper article.

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