Here is a good way to increase your settlement offer if you are representing yourself in Illinois.

Hire a lawyer after you receive a written offer.

The lawyer can then negotiate a higher amount for you.

This is a win-win situation for you.

The lawyer cannot charge you a fee on the amount of the written offer.

The fee comes from the amount above the original written offer.

The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company usually makes a discounted offer for the unrepresented person, and they usually will not negotiate with them.

When your lawyer enters the picture, most of the time they can get the offer increased.

So you end up with more money.

For example, if you were offered $20,000 and the lawyer gets you $30,000, then you get the $20,000 plus the additional $10,000 minus the fee on the $10,000.

I have done this for injured workers in the past.

Many lawyers are not interested in these cases, however, I think they are fun and challenging.

I would be glad to review your written offer for free to see if I think I can get more settlement money for you.

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