In Illinois Workers’ Compensation cases, it is up to you when to settle your case.

Of course, the Work Comp insurance company must agree to settle the case also.

It takes two to make an agreement.

Assuming that you and the insurance company agree on acceptable amount you can settle your case as soon as your medical treatment is completed.

If the Work Comp insurance company will not agree to settle your case, or you do not like their offer, then your only option is to set the case for trial.

Some timelines to remember are that after 3 years from the date you filed your claim the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission will push you to settle your case or set it for trial.

If you do not have a good reason for why the case is not settled at that point, then the case may be dismissed.

Be very careful once your case becomes 3 years or older.

There may be some good reasons for not settling your case when it is older.

Such as you are still receiving medical treatment, or you are being paid TTD, or your doing a job search.

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