May 2012

There are some good reasons not to settle your Illinois Workers’ Compensation case if you have been injured after August 31, 2011.

A new law took effect for cases after this date.

The change may make a difference in the value in your case.

It provides that AMA Guidelines may be used as a factor in determining the value of your injury.

The guidelines are very conservative.

They lower the value of your case.

There is an indication that some Workers Compensation insurance companies are making extremely low offers to injured workers.

They are hoping that injured workers will agree to the low offers and close the case.

Some arbitrators have approved the low settlements.

This is because no one truly know what the value of the case at this stage of the game.

Be warned; do not settle your case till you talk to an Illinois Work Comp Lawyer about the offer.

As I have written before, the original written offer is not subject to attorney fees so you have nothing to lose.

Have you received such an offer? Feel free to call me to discuss your options.

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Some more insight into the mind of workers’ compensation insurance types.

How do you know when your Workers’ Compensation cases is ready to settle?

In Illinois, you must complete your treatment for the work injury before you can settle.

This means that your medical tests are over.

The surgery is done.

The therapy is completed.

The doctor releases you, or you stop going to the doctor.

You may continue to take medication for the condition, and settle your case.

The most important thing to remember is that when you settle your case it closes out any future medical treatment.

So be certain you are do not need any more treatment before you settle.

Now you are ready to ask the insurance company for your settlement offer.

Want to know if the offer is good enough?

Feel free to call Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

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