Workers’ Compensation insurance companies want to keep settlements a secret.

Most injured workers know they are entitled to medical payments related to their injury.

Most injured workers know they are entitled to payment for their time off work.

But not everyone knows they are entitled to payment for the injury itself.

This is called the settlement or permanent partial disability benefits.

I talked to a person the other day who said the insurance company told him they do not pay settlements for knee injuries that do not require surgery.

That is not the law in Illinois.

You are entitled to a settlement if you are injured and you have some lingering problems.

This includes pain.

This includes arthritis.

This includes range of motion limitations.

If Work Comp will not provide an offer, you should ask for an offer.

If you do not get an offer, then get a Work Comp lawyer.

Even if you get an offer, talk with a Work Comp lawyer to discuss the offer.

As I have written before, a Work Comp attorney can help you get a higher offer and you will come out money ahead even with a fee.

This is because there is no fee on the original written offer.

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