Sometimes people worry about not being to afford a lawyer to represent them in a case.

The good news in Illinois Workers’ Compensation cases is that you do not have to pay any up front attorney fees.

The fees are taken out at the end of the case from the Work Comp settlement or award.

The law in Illinois is that fees are limited to 20 percent of the award or settlement.

Your costs are usually paid out of the settlement at the end of the case.

For instance, it costs your lawyer to get the medical records and the doctor charges for her testimony. Many lawyers will pay these costs up front and then they are repaid the costs at the end of the case.

Fees being paid at the end of the case is good news for injured workers.

It means that anyone can hire a Work Comp lawyer to make sure they get the benefits they are entitled to.

The benefits available to you under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act is time off pay, medical bills and money for the injury itself.

Remember there is no upfront cost to hire an Illinois Workmans Compensation lawyer.

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