The new law in Illinois is making it tougher to get higher Workers’ Compensation settlements.


The new law allows for the use of AMA impairment guidelines.

The AMA guidelines are usually very conservative.

Work Comp insurance companies are asking Doctors to provide an AMA rating in Illinois cases and then using them to make low settlement offers.

For instance, I have heard of an injured worker who had a bad fracture of his arm and the insurance company found a doctor who issued an AMA rating of 0 percent impairment.

In the past this case may have been worth 20 percent of the arm.

Now, the Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier is offering nothing or a low amount.

The good news is that you still have arguments to support a higher settlement value.

An attorney will still be able to argue for an increased amount based on factors beyond the AMA rating.

Such as ongoing problems with your injury.

Such as changes in your activities at home due to your work injury.

Such as changes in your activities at work due to your injury.

Such as the need for more treatment in the future.

Such as the need for ongoing medications.

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