July 2012

State: Fraud unit's investigation into workers' comp claims at Menard remains 'top priority' | Metro-east news | News Democrat.

What is next? An investigation of the investigators? Why not just let the Feds do their job.


WorkersCompensation.com CompNewsNetwork – 60 Percent of Work Comp Claims Preventable Slips, Trips, and Falls.

Makes sense that well maintained work areas will be safer.

WorkersCompensation.com CompNewsNetwork – How To Get Employees Back to Work When You Do Not Have Suitable Job.

Click above to read. I have had some experience with injured workers returning to work at a not-for-profit. Does not seem to be much oversight in these situations. Anyone out there experienced some of these options?

Death at Danville plant under investigation | News-Gazette.com.

Weapons seized at southern Illinois state prison – Springfield, IL – The State Journal-Register.

Click above to read. Guards working in Illinois prisons perform a hard job under dangerous conditions. The State of Illinois has been giving these workers a hard time for their Workers’ Compensation cases, but there is no denying it is a tough job.

Illinois cases are seeing a decrease in values.

This involves all Workers’ Compensation cases.

We know that injuries starting in September 2011 will see decreased value.

However, we are seeing dropping awards for cases that are not impacted by the new law.

For instance, there was a recent Commission case that reduced the value of a full thickness labral tear, a partial rotator cuff tear and an impingement of the shoulder. This was a substantial injury.

The arbitrator awarded 32.5 percent of the shoulder.

The Commission reduced the value to 27.5 percent of the shoulder.

In the past this most likely would not have happened.

The Commission would have agree with Arbitrator and moved on.

The political climate is such that the Commissioners are sending a message to the politicians that they have heard the complaints and will be more conservative in the way they decide work comp cases.

The Commissioners are also sending a message to the Arbitrators to reduce the awards in these cases.

Now that Arbitrators serve limited terms at the pleasure of the Governor and the Senate they will also have to move according to the political winds.

Not very surprising that Workers’ Compensation cases will see a drop in value.

Questions about your work injury? Feel free to contact Illinois Work Comp attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

WorkersCompensation.com CompNewsNetwork – OH Real Estate Agent Pleads Guilty To Work Comp Fraud.

Click above to read. You must report all income when you are on Workers’ Compensation. Some states, such as Illinois, allow you to work and receive temporary partial disability pay.

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