What if you are hurt so bad that you cannot work your old job?

Will the Workers’ Compensation Insurance company pay for you to go to school to get new skills?

Rule number 1: It does not hurt to ask.

But what if Work Comp says no?

Dig in for the long fight.

They will throw some money at you to make you go away.

You must be ready to show that you are serious.

You will have to find a vocational specialist who will testify that you are a good candidate for rehabilitation through schooling, and that short of schooling you will be stuck in a low wage job.

You will have to be willing to work at actually going to school, and seeking out jobs that prove your true market value without the education.

It will be worth it in the long run because if you have a goal and the schooling gets you there you will not be defined through your work injury and what some insurance company thinks is the value of your case.

Your additional education will add money to your future earnings for many years, and it will provide you with the satisfaction of doing what is valuable to you.

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