August 2012

Some quick Workers’ Compensation tips to celebrate Labor Day.

1. Report your accident promptly. The written accident report can be very valuable later on in your case. The company cannot deny that you were hurt on the job if you report the injury right away.

2. Tell your doctor what happened. Giving the doctor all your problems and how the accident happened will protect you later when the insurance company wants to blame your back injury on some home project you did. If you injured more than one body part it also protects you from claims that all are not work related.

3. Get timely medical treatment. Do not put off treatment, or the Work Comp insurance company will blame your problems on something unrelated to your work injury. Stopping and starting treatment will just confuse the matter. Do not think it will go away. Do not stop treatment to soon. You get the picture.

4. Be realistic. Workers’ Compensation settlements are not lottery tickets. They cover you for your injury. Most cases will not put you on easy street. The neighbor down the street who received $500,000 for a carpal tunnel case is not telling the truth.

5. It does not hurt to ask. You will never know what the insurance company will do unless you ask. They may throw in some extra money for future medical, or to make you go away.

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Postal employee on workers’ comp caught running Boston Marathon | The Sideshow – Yahoo! News.

Who says you cannot run a Marathon while on Work Comp? CompNewsNetwork – Surveillance Can Be Very Beneficial Tool for Workers Comp When Used Properly.

I have not seen surveillance videos used properly very often.
Seems to be a knee jerk reaction. That does not mean that people are not watching you at home and at the store. CompNewsNetwork – Top 6 Causes of Workers Comp Injuries and How to Avoid Them.

Any others you face on the job?

SPRINGFIELD: Former trooper Mitchell denied reinstatement of driving privileges | Crime | News Democrat.

Trooper at the center of Workers’ Compensation controversy denied his driver’s license.

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation law gives you 3 main rights when you are injured on the job.

You are entitled to payment for your medical bills.

This is for medical treatment that is related to your work injury.

Sometimes the insurance company will hire a doctor to examine you. If this doctor says your treatment is not related to your injury, or no more treatment is needed then Work Comp will stop paying the bills.

You can fight the Work Comp doctor, but you will need to go before the Judge to argue your case.

An injured worker called me recently who said the insurance company made him have his surgery on his medical card and refused to pay the bills. This is not right.

You are also entitled to off work pay equal to 66 percent of your wage the year before you were injured. The doctor must take you off work to receive the pay.

The insurance company doctor may think you can return to work. Work Comp will stop paying you if this happens.
Once again you will need to challenge this in court.

Finally, you are entitled to a settlement for your injury. Some insurance companies conveniently forget to make an offer and then hope people do not know they are able to get the settlement.

The value of the settlement depends a number of factors I have covered in other blogs.

Questions about your work injury and what you should receive? Feel free to contact Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

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