Sometimes a Workers’ Compensation insurance company will want to send an injured worker to see one of their doctors.

The purpose of the exam is not for treatment.

The exam is performed so the doctor can testify at trial.

The insurance company can require you attend the exam.

Many of these doctors are located in Chicago or St. Louis.

The doctor who is used varies according to your injury and the treatment you have received.

For instance, if you have had back surgery the doctor who will examine you will most likely be a spine specialist.

If you suffered a concussion, then you most likely see a neurologist.

The examining doctor may see you for 10 to 15 minutes and perform a limited exam. You will also fill out paperwork.

The doctor will write up a report addressing whether your work injury is related to the accident, what treatment is recommended, your ability to work and
any restrictions you may have.

If the doctor is supportive of your claim, then the Work Comp insurance company will authorize your treatment and eventually settle your case.

If the doctor does not rule in your favor, then your doctor’s testimony will be weighed against the IME doctor to decide whether you will win your case.

The IME doctor is not to be feared, instead it is another step in the journey.

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