September 2012 CompNewsNetwork – Home Depot Cited for Exposing Workers to Electrical Hazards at Chicago Store; Proposed Penalties More Than $69,000.

You would think a large corporation would be on top of work place dangers.


Medical treatment for your work injury is very important.

How you are going to receive the treatment is sometimes a big question.

The first option is to ask the Workers’ Compensation insurance company to authorize you to see the doctor or to pay for the treatment recommended, such as surgery.

If the Work Comp insurance company will not pay for your treatment, then you can ask your group health insurance company to pay for the treatment.

Using your own health insurance is often the quickest method to get your surgery or other treatment.

If you do not have your own health insurance or a medical card, then you will have to force the Work Comp company to pay for the treatment.

This is done through having a trial, and having the Arbitrator order the insurance company to pay for your medical treatment.

Your doctor will have to testify that the work accident and your condition are related, and explain why you need the treatment.

It takes time to arrange for your doctor to testify, get the medical records and order the bills.

This is why it faster to have your own insurance pay for the treatment.

Ultimately, your group insurance will have to be repaid. This is done at the time of settlement or a future trial.

Questions about your Work Comp medical treatment? Feel free to contact Illinois Work Comp Lawyer Dirk May at 309-827-4371. CompNewsNetwork – Health Care Employees and Workers Comp Carriers, A Cautionary Tale.

The Court’s ruling makes sense. Under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act I think the result would be the same. CompNewsNetwork – Preliminary National Census Of Fatal Occupational Injuries In 2011 Report Available Here.

Details leading causes of death on the job. CompNewsNetwork – Attorney Perspective on Lump Sum Settlements, You Know Outcome Before Papers Are Filed.

Seems like attitude has more to do with every situation we are involved in, including Workers’ Compensation cases.

Injured worker wins marijuana court case – Saskatchewan – CBC News.

Illinois courts would stone this ruling, but it is high time that someone takes on this issue.

Do Not Participate in a Post-Injury Recorded Statement Alone.

In Illinois just say no. Do not allow a Work Comp insurance company take your recorded statement.

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