Work injury amputations are obviously traumatic events.

Illinois treats amputations as a straight forward number of weeks for amputations of body parts at different levels of the joint. Such as the first knuckle of the finger, or at the wrist.

The real question in amputation cases is how the amputation affects your ability to function on the job.

For instance, are you still able to work your old job?

Are you able to work any job?

If you lose a finger, it may affect your ability to make a fist, grip, handle and finger items.

For certain types of jobs this will keep you from performing your old work.

If you lose a foot or part of leg this will put you in a sit down job.

If you lose a dominant hand, then you may no longer be able to work any job depending on your past work and any other limitations you may have.

These factors may turn your case into much more than a certain number of weeks for a finger or limb amputation.

Many Workers Compensation Insurance companies will want to limit your amputation recovery under the Illinois law, make sure you talk to an Illinois Workers’ Compensation lawyer before you settle your case.

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