October 2012

Illinois State Police releases name of trooper hit in Lebanon crash | Crime | News Democrat.

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No doubt it is a dangerous job that can lead to death any day.


Misusing background checks could land employers in hot water | Business | News Democrat.

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Very interesting. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Vital N.C. workers' compensation data becomes private – Local/State – NewsObserver.com.

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Incredible story. How can you justify hiding whether an employer has workers’ compensation insurance? Illinois makes this public information, as it should be.

WorkersCompensation.com CompNewsNetwork – Clothing Retailer Commits to Groundbreaking Safety Program.

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Should make us thankful we live in the United States.
We take many of the safety rules and regulations we have for granted.

WorkersCompensation.com CompNewsNetwork – It is Deer Hunting Season, Be Aware of a Spike in Work Comp Claims.

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From the injured worker perspective make it easy.
Tell your employer right away. File an accident report.
Tell your doctor and get treatment right away.

Keep in mind the following facts when deciding whether to settle your Workers’ Compensation case.

When you settle your case it is over.

Very few insurance companies will include open medical in the contracts.

They want to close out the claim entirely.

So make sure that your medical treatment is complete.

Otherwise you will have to pay for it, or your insurance will have to pay for future treatment.

You are entitled to a settlement for your claim unless it is a very minor injury.

You are entitled to payment of your work injury related medical bills.

You are entitled to payment for your time off work.

The fact that you filed a Workers’ Compensation case is public information.

The fact that you settled your Work Comp case is public record.

All this means is that if someone wants to call up the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission and ask about your case they may do so.

In Illinois, work comp settlement money is tax free. This includes Federal and State taxes. Keep a copy of the contract for your records.

If you do not like the offer from your Workers’ Compensation insurance company or you are concerned you will need future medical treatment, then you have the right to go trial.

Going to trial will protect your right to ask for future medical treatment.

Questions about your work injury case? Feel free to contact Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

O'FALLON: County Board candidate's workers' comp claims become issue in District 23 race | Voters Guide | News Democrat.

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Politics brings out the worst in people. Only his doctor knows for sure.

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