The usual evidence in a Illinois Workers’ Compensation hearing is testimony from the injured worker, medical records, medical bills, testimony from your doctor, and maybe a witness.

What about photographs or videos.

This evidence could come into play if there is a question about the accident, or what the job site looks like, or a dispute over the condition of the property.

You may need to have photographs of the work site layout, or the condition of the parking lot, or the path leading to the work site.

Sometimes videos will explain the repetitive nature of the work.

The problem is that the injured worker often does not have access to the plant or work site to make the videos and will not be given permission to enter the premises for this purpose.

The other purposes of a video or photo is to show the condition of the injury. Such as rashes, swelling or burns.

The other use of videos is to show surveillance of the injured worker.

Much surveillance is worthless.

However, videos of activities that the injured worker claims he cannot do, or are beyond his restrictions are often damaging.

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