Finger and hand injuries are not usually high value injuries in Illinois Work Comp cases.

The reason is that the total number of weeks for fingers and the hand is on the low side.

The typical finger injury involves a fracture or an amputation.

The typical hand injury is a fracture or carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you have a finger or hand injury with a good recovery the value will be on the lower end of the scale.

Complications will cause the value to increase.

For example, if you have a finger injury or amputation that makes it difficult to grip or make a fist then the case takes on a different dimension.

We use our hands most of the time for almost every job.

Restrictions on the use of the hand will result on increase in settlement value.

Finger injuries can turn into a settlement based on the hand.

Hand injuries with restrictions may turn into much more.

Do the hand restrictions keep you from working your old job?

Do the hand restrictions keep you from working any job?

If you lose earning power due to your hand injury your settlement should be based on this.

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