Sometimes it is very hard to get the Workers’ Compensation insurance company to pay your medical bills.

The longer they hold onto the money the more they can use it for other things.

You should present the bills and request payment.

Make sure you check with your doctor’s office to confirm payment.

The other thing to check is that all bills are paid.

For instance, if you have surgery there will be an anesthesia charge. If there is an MRI there will be a radiologist bill. If there is an emergency room visit there will be an emergency doctor bill.

This can be tricky so you must be very careful to find all the bills.

If the insurance company does not agree to pay all the bills in the Workers’ Compensation Settlement contract, then you will have to pay the unpaid bills yourself.

If the contract lists the bills and amounts and you are wrong then you will have to pay the bills yourself.

This shows the importance of being detailed and making sure you have all the bills.

You must read the contracts carefully to make sure that you are protected.

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