Illinois Workers’ Compensation Cases have plenty of rules to follow and can be complicated.

But the Big Picture is to not give anyone a reason to deny your Work Comp case.

The insurance company wants to hold onto its money, and the Arbitrator wants to make sure that a work related injury has taken place.

Some simple tips will help you avoid being denied benefits and making sure you get the maximum value out of your case.

Make sure you complete an injury report as soon as possible after your work accident occurs.

Make sure you give all your medical providers an explanation of how you were hurt on the job.

Make sure you go to the doctor for all your injuries as soon as possible.

Make sure you do not have wait long periods between your medical treatments. This would make it look like you are done with your treatments.

Keep track of who is paying your medical bills and whether all bills have been paid.

Make sure you tell your doctors about all your limitations related to your injury.

Such as, I cannot lift my arm overhead to reach for items on the shelf.

Or my back pain makes it difficult for me to stand more than one hour per day.

The more details that are contained in your medical records the better your chance you have for getting full value for your case.

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