Some resolutions for the New Year and your Illinois Workers’ Compensation case.

1. File your case. If you do not file an application of claim you may lose valuable benefits.

2. Make sure you tell your doctor how you were injured at work and all the body parts that were injured. This will save you trouble later on.

3. Complete an accident report as soon as possible.

4. See your doctor as soon as possible and as often as you need. If you wait the insurance company will use this against you.

5. Follow the doctor’s treatment plan. Do not give the insurance company a reason to deny you further treatment.

6. If your employer you offers you a job within the doctor’s restrictions you must try it to prove that you are making a good faith effort to return to

7. Be aware of your surroundings. Work Comp insurance companies like to send surveillance investigators to watch you.

8. Do not give a recorded statement to the Work Comp insurance adjuster. They will use it against you. It will not help your case.

9. Get your medical bills paid. It does not matter if Work Comp pays or your group health pays. In the end Work Comp insurance will have to repay your
group health insurance company.

10. Talk with a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer. It will not hurt. A lawyer will only get paid if you receive money.

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