Workers’ Compensation Insurance Companies like to send injured workers for independent medical exams (“IME”).

The insurance company hires a doctor to examine the injured worker for the purpose of the case.

This means that the IME doctor is not a treating doctor.

You could question whether the doctor is truly independent since the insurance company is paying for the exam.

The doctor will usually give an opinion whether your work injury caused your current condition.

The doctor may give an opinion whether you need more treatment.

The doctor may also give an opinion regarding any permanent restrictions you have.

You must attend the IME exam.

If you do not attend the Workers’ Compensation IME the insurance company will stop your benefits and does not have to pay you anymore money.

As you see it is a very stiff penalty to miss the exam.

Remember that the doctor is not your friend.

This means that you should not volunteer any information.

Just listen carefully to the questions and answer the questions as politely as possible.

Some IME doctors watch closely for over reactions to pain, and label people as faking their symptoms.

So be sure to react appropriately and explain what exactly triggers the pain.

Keep track of how much time the IME doctor spends with you so you can testify at your trial.

The doctor will provide a written report anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks after the exam.

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