Some people think they are done with their Workers’ Compensation case, but they may have forgotten something.

Did you get everything that you are entitled to under the law?

In Illinois, you are entitled to have your related medical bills paid, payment of your time off work, and payment for your injury.

I have seen some Work Comp insurance companies who “forget” to pay the settlement or pay the injured worker for what is called permanent partial disability.

Your case is only stays open for a certain number of years in Illinois.

You must file an application of claim with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission to protect your case from being barred forever.

I have seen people lose their rights to ongoing medical rights and their settlement if they do file their case in a timely manner.

The insurance company is not required to inform you of your rights so you must inform yourself and act accordingly.

Just because you tell the Workers’ Compensation insurance company that you were injured on the job does not mean you are protected.

You must actually file specific paperwork.

If you have not been paid a settlement and have not signed settlement contracts and met with an Illinois Workers’ Compensation Arbitrator, then your case is not complete.

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