Knowing the answers to these 5 questions will help you in your Illinois Workers’ Compensation case.

1. How did your injury happen? It seems simple that you should know how your work accident happened, but you need to review exactly what happened and explain it to your doctor and your supervisor. It may make the difference between an accepted claim and a denied claim.

2. What notice of your injury did you give work? The earlier the better. It is also good to prepare an accident report detailing all of your injuries and how they happened.

3. What medical treatment have you received? The type and extent of your treatment may be important to your settlement value at the end of the case. So pay attention to what the doctors recommend and make sure you tell the doctors how you are responding to your treatment as you receive it.

4. What do you notice about your condition now? Once treatment has been completed the Arbitrator will want to know what pain you experience, how your range of motion is limited, how your activities are restricted, what ongoing treatment is needed.

5. What limitations do you have? Are you limited in your lifting? How about bending and twisting. What affect does your condition have on walking, standing and sitting? What about reaching and gripping?

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