Earlier this week I linked to a story about professional athletes who file workers’ compensation claims in California based on playing for a California team or being injured in the State.

Under Illinois Work Comp law you have certain options available to you for filing your claim in Illinois.

The technical term is having “jurisdiction” to file your claim in Illinois.

The reason it matters is that Illinois law has some of the best benefits in the country.

The recent changes in Illinois law have reduced the benefits available, yet Illinois still has much more favorable benefits than surrounding states and most states in the country.

Illinois Work Comp law provides that if you are hired in the State of Illinois you may elect to file your claim in Illinois even if you are injured in another state.

Illinois Work Comp law also provides that if you work in another state, but you are injured in Illinois you may still file your Work Comp claim in Illinois.

The smart thing to do is file your claim in Illinois if there is any way you can.

For example, if you play for the Indianapolis Colts and are injured at Soldier Field while playing against the Bears then you should file your Work Comp claim in Illinois. Indiana has horrible benefits so you definitely do not want to file there if at all possible.

Even if you have filed in another state and received a settlement it is sometimes possible to file in Illinois and seek a settlement here. There are some technical rules that must be complied with and the insurance company will be entitled to a credit for the other state’s settlement but it is worth it to gain the additional money.

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